LRA Test


The LRA test is an advanced cell test to give the patient an extensive look into their overall health. The results are gathered through a blood draw which tests for over 504 different imbalances or deficiencies in the body.

The test examines the body’s lymphocytes the bodies memory carrying white blood cells that indicate health and disease in the body and detects delayed food and chemical allergies.

The following items are tested are…

  • Foods
  • Additives/preservatives
  • Environmental chemicals and toxic minerals
  • Molds
  • Dander, hairs and feathers
  • Medications
  • Therapies Herbs
  • Food Colorings


The substances identified by the test are divided into three groups strong reactions, moderate reactions and non-reactions.
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Cyrex Labratories Serum Collection Kit (Saliva Test)

The Cyrex Labratories Serum Collection Kit is a take home test used for detecting the different chemical levels in the body. This test is a single pathway test Once the test is taken and sent off to the lab we will then receive the results in our office within 1-2 weeks where we will then go over the test results with the patient and guide them towards the correct plan or approach to achieving optimum health through natural means.
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Spectra Cell Laboratories Test

This test provides an insight for the patient for Micronutrient, CardioMetoblic, hormones, thyroid, genetics and telomere testing.
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