Hair Restoration in Woodforest

Regain Your Hair, Restore Your Confidence

Hair loss can be a deeply personal and sensitive issue, but at Sandstone Wellness, we offer innovative and compassionate solutions. With our advanced hair restoration treatments, you can achieve thicker, fuller hair under the guidance of our experienced nurse practitioners. Discover how our treatments can help you regain not just your hair, but your confidence too.

Sunetics Laser Therapy

Non-Invasive Treatment for Fuller, Healthier Hair

Sunetics Laser Therapy is a cutting-edge solution for hair loss that uses low-level laser technology to stimulate hair follicles, encouraging growth and preventing further loss. It's a painless, non-invasive treatment ideal for those looking to combat hair thinning without surgery.

Treatment Process:

Sessions are quick and comfortable, requiring no downtime. The laser therapy is applied directly to the scalp, promoting increased blood flow and nutrient delivery to the hair follicles.


Patients often begin to see a reduction in hair loss within the first few weeks, with noticeable growth in 3-6 months. For optimal results, a series of treatments are recommended.

Ideal For:

Men and women experiencing early to moderate stages of hair loss who prefer a non-surgical approach.

PRP Injections

Harness the Power of Your Body's Natural Growth Factors

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy is a revolutionary treatment that uses your own blood's healing properties to stimulate hair growth. By concentrating the platelets found in your blood and injecting them into your scalp, PRP injections nourish hair follicles and encourage new hair growth.

Treatment Process:

A small sample of your blood is drawn and processed to concentrate the platelets. The PRP is then injected into targeted areas of the scalp. The procedure is minimally invasive, with most patients experiencing minimal discomfort.


Improvement can typically be seen within a few months of treatment, with continued improvement over time. A series of treatments is often recommended for best results.

Ideal For:

Individuals with thinning hair or hair loss who are looking for a natural treatment option without the use of chemicals or surgery.

Your Path to Lush, Vibrant Hair

Losing your hair doesn't have to be a foregone conclusion. At Sandstone Wellness, we're committed to providing you with the most advanced and compassionate care to help you overcome hair loss. Whether you're just starting to notice thinning or have been dealing with hair loss for years, our tailored hair restoration services are designed to meet your individual needs.

Let's Talk About Your Hair Restoration Goals

Ready to take the next step towards a fuller head of hair? Contact Sandstone Wellness today to schedule a consultation. Our team will work with you to determine the most effective treatment plan, tailored to your specific condition and goals. Rediscover the confidence that comes with revitalized hair and a renewed you.