The Truth About Winter Skin (and how you can combat it)

People tend to have strong feelings about winter. They tend to either hate it or love it, especially in areas where the season is more, for lack of a better word, wintery. Your skin can really feel the impact from all that winteriness, and you might notice some dryness, flaking, and ruddiness. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s the truth about winter skin and how you can keep it silky smooth no matter how frightful it gets outside.

Winter Skin Myths

If you’re like most people, you have fallen for some winter skin myths. Before you can give your skin the TLC it needs, you need to dispel the myths that you might be perpetuating.

Myth: You have to change face creams

You don’t have to shelve your favorite moisturizer just because the temperature has dropped. If you find that it isn’t as hydrating as you need, use a moisturizing serum first.

Myth: You don’t need sunscreen

The rays of the sun are just as intense in winter as they are in the summer even if you aren’t as aware of them. UVB rays can be reflected off sidewalks, buildings, and other surfaces which makes them a shorter wave, but as much as 80% more intense. Use sunscreen all year round.

Myth: Cold air dries out your skin

Yes, the air does get less humid during the winter, but the real culprit for your dry skin is likely your indoor heat. Many people tend to crank up the heater when it’s cold outside, then you go from the cold outside to the hot inside. The dramatic and sudden changes in temperature, combined with the dry air created by your heater is a recipe for dry, dull, winter skin.

Winter Skin Mistakes

Keeping your skin looking great all winter means avoiding these winter skin mistakes.

Long, hot showers

Hot showers can warm you up, but a long, hot shower will strip your skin of the good oils that protect it and keep it supple. Hot water also draws out the moisture in your skin, drying it out.

Not moisturizing properly

Proper moisturizing is all about timing. As soon as you wash your face or get out of the shower, apply your moisturizer. Waiting too long robs you of the most benefits you can get from it.

Over (or under) exfoliating

Gentle exfoliation is great for removing the dead skin cells, allowing your fresh, glowing skin to emerge. But over exfoliating, scrubbing too vigorously will damage your skin, but not exfoliating or not doing it enough, leave your skin dull and it may be prone to skin problems.

Winter Skin Solutions

Here are our three top tips for combating winter skin and keeping it soft, supple, and glowing no matter the weather.


Counter the dry air from your heater by running a humidifier in your home. You want your indoor humidity to be between 30% and 50% at all times. Your skin will love it.

Lower the heat

The higher the indoor heat, the dryer the air. When the winter air gets frigid you might be tempted to crank up your heat, but don’t. High central heat doesn’t do your skin any favors but lowering it between 68 and 75 degrees can counteract that.


This skin rejuvenation treatment is minimally invasive and gives great results. It stimulates collagen production, so your body protects itself naturally. Your skin is left glowing, fresh, and clear. It is an effective method for combating winter skin.

Are you struggling with winter skin? Call today and schedule your microneedling appointment and uncover the beautiful, glowing skin that you were meant to have.

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