The Hair Restoration Treatment You’ll Have to See to Believe

More than 80 million Americans suffer from hair loss.

Ranging from “a little thinning on the top” to varying shades of baldness, hair loss can make you feel uncomfortable with your appearance and less confident in important social situations.

Pills, creams, and sprays advertise quick fixes to thinning hair while hair restoration surgery offers a potentially permanent solution with painful, prolonged downtimes after the procedure.

Worst of all, none of these treatments guarantee the result you are looking for. Fortunately, there is another way to regrow your hair without pain, drugs, side effects, or time off work.

How Your Hair Grows

Hair growth happens in four cycles – growth, transition, rest, and shedding.

At any given time, 80 to 90 percent of your hair is in the growth phases while 10 to 20 percent is in the rest phase. Much like the way baby teeth are pushed out of your mouth by permanent teeth, hair grows, rests, and is replaced by a new hair from an active follicle.

Genetics, medications, pregnancy, and hormone levels can all affect hair growth at each point in the cycle. When the growth phase is shortened or when hair sheds at a faster rate than it is replaced, you experience thinning or balding.

PRP + Sunetics

Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy (PRP) harnesses your body’s ability to heal itself. By using concentrations of your own platelets, PRP stimulates your body’s healing response to help repair damaged tissue, wherever it may be.

From tendons to tissues, PRP can help the body regenerate its own cells and nourish cells that are underperforming. By injecting platelets into your scalp in areas that are thinning or balding, the body jumpstarts its own capacity to regrow your hair, without surgery or medication.

Sunetics uses low-level laser therapy to heal the follicle and prevent it from shedding the hair too quickly. By increasing blood flow, nutrient acquisition, and oxygen uptake to the follicle, the follicle heals itself and holds on to the hair until it is through its growth cycle.

As more and more follicles follow suit, you experience hair regrowth you haven’t seen in years. This FDA Cleared technology offers No Pain, No Drugs, No Surgery, and No Side Effects.

When used together, these therapies have the ability to safely and permanently help you regrow your own hair.

Who is a Good Candidate for Hair Restoration?

Not everyone is a candidate for hair restoration therapy. While it is safe for both men and women, those who experience the following conditions have the greatest success with this type of treatment.

  • Hair loss due to pregnancy or menopause
  • Those already using prescription and non-prescription treatments for hair loss
  • Genetic hair loss
  • Illnesses for which hair loss is a side effect
  • Hair loss due to prescription medications

Will Hair Restoration Hurt?

While PRP injections can be uncomfortable we take every possible step to ensure minimal discomfort. Sunetics laser therapy is pain-free and has no side effects. There is no lasting discomfort, no recovery, and no downtime. Our patients report any discomfort is well worth the results they see in just a few weeks as their hair stops thinning and begins to regrow.

Are you ready to regrow your hair without medications, painful surgery, or embarrassing fiber hair sprays? Call our office or schedule your consultation online and find out how PRP + Sunetics can help you regain your hair and your confidence.

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