Signs Your Hormones are Off

Hormones play a pretty important role in the way your body functions. When they are not balanced as they should be, you will likely notice that something just isn’t right. However, many people will treat the symptoms such as difficulty losing weight or chronic acne instead of looking at the root of the problem.


Here are a few signs your body might give you if your hormones are out of balance.


Trouble losing weight despite doing everything “right.”


You eat right and exercise regularly, yet you still cannot lose those extra pounds. If you are having trouble losing weight it could be your hormones that are a problem.


When you exercise, certain hormones are released that facilitate weight loss. However, there are hormones like cortisol and insulin that also trigger fat storage. Other hormones like thyroxine and human growth hormone (HGH) help you lose weight. When these hormones are out of balance you may find that losing weight is next to impossible.


Frequent fatigue no matter how much sleep you get.


When your thyroid and adrenal glands aren’t functioning properly it can lead to hormonal imbalances that are one of the most common causes of fatigue.


These two glands work together to support energy levels in the body so if one or both aren’t functioning as they should, it can zap your energy leaving you feeling like you can hardly get out of bed.


Getting healthy, balanced hormone production from these two glands back online can make a significant difference in how you feel and function throughout the day.


You can’t seem to satisfy your food cravings and are hungry even after a full meal.


Imbalanced “hunger” hormones are one of the most common reasons that people don’t lose weight. Two main hormones affect your hunger and feelings of satiation.


Leptin is an appetite suppressor that is produced by fat cells. Ghrelin is a hormone that makes you feel hungry. When these hormones aren’t working together, you can have one that dominates, and the other is dormant. When this happens, your hunger could go on and on leaving you to feel hungry even when you are full or have had a meal.


You can’t get a handle on your depression, anxiety, or mood swings.


Our memory, cognition, and moods are all regulated by hormones. Thyroid problems are often marked by anxiety, depression, mood swings, and brain fog. Several hormones can affect your mental balance.


Estrogen stimulates while progesterone calms. When estrogen is too high, it can cause anxiety. Progesterone levels that are too low can cause sleep problems. Testosterone levels that are too high can cause aggression and anger. If it is too low, it can cause lethargy and symptoms of depression.


Your hair, skin, and nails leave something to be desired no matter what you do.


Acne that won’t clear up can be the result of a hormonal imbalance, same with dry, brittle nails, dry skin, and dry, brittle hair.


Androgens, which are considered “male” hormones even though men and women have them can cause acne when they are too abundant – especially in women. Thyroid problems can leave hair, skin, and nails dry and brittle because when the thyroid is not working as it should, it creates major hormonal imbalances.


Are you just not feeling like yourself lately? Do you have puzzling issues that you can’t seem to clear up? It might be a hormone imbalance.


Sandstone Family Medicine can help you get to the bottom of the mystery and bring your hormones back into balance so that you feel better.


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