Fight Inflammation Through Food

You are what you eat? The saying is, of course, metaphorical, but what you put into your body affects your looks and overall health. If you are experiencing inexplicable body aches and a sense of being “under the weather,” you could be suffering from internal inflammation.

What causes internal inflammation?

Inflammation is caused when your immune system attacks a foreign substance or becomes mis-programmed and attacks your own tissue. This can result in stress, anxiety, fatigue, swollen and painful joints and even a decreased range of motion. One of the causes of inflammation is eating things that your body “rejects.” Mainstream medication tends to prescribe medicine to reduce inflammation. A more holistic approach is to look at your diet.

What kinds of food promote inflammation?


Generally, the foods that promote or cause inflammation are those we already know are bad for us, but unfortunately tend to like anyway. These include red meat, fried food and refined carbs. Shortening, lard and margarine can also cause inflammation, as can soda.

What kinds of food fight inflammation?

pexels-photo-128388Add these foods to your diet to fight inflammation. Leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, as do almonds and tomatoes. Replace red meat with salmon or other oily fish. Add fresh fruit, especially berries (blueberries, cherries, etc) and citrus fruit. If you must cook in oil, use olive oil, which is well known to reduce inflammation and be good for your heart.

Want to know more? Ask at your next visit to our office, and we can give you personalized advice on how to eat better and fight inflammation through food.

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