Reclaim Your Youthful Energy! 5 Powerful Ways to Fight Fatigue

Fatigue is a thief that robs you of all the good things in life. It impacts your relationships, your happiness, and even your view of the world. When you are too tired to do anything, your world becomes very small and that can lead to depression, anxiety, and cause you to age faster. The good […]

Too Tired to Function? The Surprising Link Between Fatigue and Hormones

Do you spend most of your time feeling tired, sluggish, exhausted? Is it an effort just to get out of bed each morning and even more difficult to get through the day? Even when you’ve had a good night’s sleep do you still feel like you need a nap by the afternoon, or worse, by […]

The Real Reason Why You’re Tired All the Time

There is a difference between being tired and feeling fatigued. If we stay up too late at a party, perform hard physical labor, or have a fitful night’s sleep, we expect to be a little tired the next day. Fatigue is a lack of energy that persists, no matter how much sleep you get. When […]

Fatigue, Hormones and the Afternoon Slump – Leon’s Story

  It’s 3 pm at the office and most people reach for a cup of coffee, an afternoon snack or a quick sugary pick-me-up to push through the rest of the day’s work. For Leon, the afternoon meant his whole life came screeching to a halt as he put off projects and experiences “until tomorrow“. Fatigue […]