Too Tired to Function? The Surprising Link Between Fatigue and Hormones

Do you spend most of your time feeling tired, sluggish, exhausted? Is it an effort just to get out of bed each morning and even more difficult to get through the day? Even when you’ve had a good night’s sleep do you still feel like you need a nap by the afternoon, or worse, by […]

Hair Loss Treatments That Work

Hair loss is typically thought of as a condition that is exclusive to males, but that is not the case. About 40% of people who experience hair loss are female, but it can be devastating regardless of gender. Hair loss can impact a person’s self-esteem, confidence, even their ability to engage in social interaction. It can […]

The Hair Restoration Treatment You’ll Have to See to Believe

More than 80 million Americans suffer from hair loss. Ranging from “a little thinning on the top” to varying shades of baldness, hair loss can make you feel uncomfortable with your appearance and less confident in important social situations. Pills, creams, and sprays advertise quick fixes to thinning hair while hair restoration surgery offers a […]

The Real Reason Why You’re Tired All the Time

There is a difference between being tired and feeling fatigued. If we stay up too late at a party, perform hard physical labor, or have a fitful night’s sleep, we expect to be a little tired the next day. Fatigue is a lack of energy that persists, no matter how much sleep you get. When […]

5 Crazy Hair Regrowth Treatments that Don’t Work

Losing your hair is more than just a change in your appearance. For many men and women, it is a blow to your self-confidence. That is why millions of people spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on hair regrowth treatments that range from the possible to the ridiculous. While every treatment promises luscious […]

Fatigue, Hormones and the Afternoon Slump – Leon’s Story

  It’s 3 pm at the office and most people reach for a cup of coffee, an afternoon snack or a quick sugary pick-me-up to push through the rest of the day’s work. For Leon, the afternoon meant his whole life came screeching to a halt as he put off projects and experiences “until tomorrow“. Fatigue […]

Are You Balanced?

sandstone NP and hormone patient

If you ever want to experience the pinnacle of pre-teen angst, go to a school’s maturation lesson and watch as kids squirm uncomfortably in their chairs as they learn about the hormonal changes their bodies are about to go through. While this information is important, it is by no means complete. We’re here to help […]

Attacking Aging from the Inside Out

Getting older tends to sneak up on you. One day you look in the mirror and see the face that has been staring back for 20 years and the next you wonder, “Who is that old person staring back at me?”

Menopausal Weight Gain: How to Combat the Steady Creep

There it is. The number on the bathroom scale that has been so steady for so long has begun to move… in the wrong direction. As if hot flashes and mood swings weren’t enough, weight gain in spite of a healthy diet and moderate exercise is one of the most common menopausal symptoms. Also known […]