Self-Care Tips for the Busy Stay at Home Mom

mom self care

A mom’s life is busy, there’s no doubt about it, and a stay-at-home mom never goes off duty. You may have days where you feel like you barely have time to sleep, much less do anything to take care of yourself. The thing is, everyone needs some self-care, and stay-at-home moms need it more than […]

Younger Skin: Get A Youthful Glow Back

People will go to great lengths to look younger. With all the options out there it isn’t always easy to know which is your best choice. From surgery to chemical peels to injections, it’s hard to decide. There are some natural, gentler ways to get younger-looking skin. Here are our top five picks. Put Good […]

How Tixel Can Help Improve the Appearance of Acne Scarring

For most people, acne is just a part of growing up. Nearly everyone experiences breakouts during adolescence or as a young adult. But while it may be normal to get acne at some point in your life, severe cases can result in acne scarring which can make you feel self-conscious and negatively impact your social […]

Natural Weight Loss Techniques You Can Start Implementing Today

Natural weight loss is the preferred way to lose weight. In most cases, it is the healthiest method for weight loss. But how do you get started? Consistency is Key If you want true weight loss, true lasting weight loss, then you need to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle instead of a temporary diet. It is important […]

How to Boost Your Sex Drive

Having a low sex drive – or no sex drive – can be very frustrating for you as well as your partner. It can impact your mental health, your relationship, and your physical health.   There are some ways you can boost your sex drive naturally, so once you have talked to your doctor to […]

Signs Your Hormones are Off

Hormones play a pretty important role in the way your body functions. When they are not balanced as they should be, you will likely notice that something just isn’t right. However, many people will treat the symptoms such as difficulty losing weight or chronic acne instead of looking at the root of the problem.   […]

How Metabolism Changes as We Age

You’ve probably heard it – and likely even said it – that your metabolism isn’t what it was when you were younger. In a way, that is true. Metabolism does often slow somewhat as you age, but not for the reasons that you may think. Those stubborn extra pounds that you are blaming on an […]

5 Simple Secrets to Aging Gracefully

Aging is natural but sometimes we all need a little help. Age spots, wrinkles, lack of mobility, hair loss, and dull skin can all make you look older than you are. Here are our five simple secrets to aging gracefully (and maybe looking a little more youthful in the process). Diet What you put into […]

The Truth About Winter Skin (and how you can combat it)

People tend to have strong feelings about winter. They tend to either hate it or love it, especially in areas where the season is more, for lack of a better word, wintery. Your skin can really feel the impact from all that winteriness, and you might notice some dryness, flaking, and ruddiness. But it doesn’t […]

Reclaim Your Youthful Energy! 5 Powerful Ways to Fight Fatigue

Fatigue is a thief that robs you of all the good things in life. It impacts your relationships, your happiness, and even your view of the world. When you are too tired to do anything, your world becomes very small and that can lead to depression, anxiety, and cause you to age faster. The good […]