5 Crazy Hair Regrowth Treatments that Don’t Work

Losing your hair is more than just a change in your appearance.

For many men and women, it is a blow to your self-confidence. That is why millions of people spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on hair regrowth treatments that range from the possible to the ridiculous. While every treatment promises luscious locks, these five crazy hair regrowth products over promise and under deliver.

  1. Hair regrowth hats.

Medical advances and lasers go hand in hand. Used for everything from skin treatments to microsurgery, the idea that lasers can stimulate hair regrowth is not that far-fetched. That is why many companies have begun marketing hats with embedded lasers, promising hair regrowth in just 6 minutes a day. While they are battery operated and preprogrammed, these hats don’t come cheap. At $800-$2000, they will set you back a pretty penny while producing mixed results, at best.

  1. Hair restoration medications.

When minoxidil was developed in the 1950s, its original purpose was to treat ulcers. Along the way, it was found that while it didn’t treat ulcers in dogs, it was a powerful vasodilator, treating hypertension. One of the side effects? Reversing baldness in both men and women. While minoxidil and its cousin drug finasteride (prescribed exclusively for men experiencing baldness) show some positive reversal of hair loss, they only work as long as you are taking them. Stop the drug and the hair loss resumes.

  1. Fiber hair spray.

We’ve all seen the late-night infomercials for a hairspray that magically binds to your existing hair, making thin patches and bald spots disappear. Using static electricity, fibers intertwine with your hair and bond until they are washed out. The result? A feeling like you have glue in your hair and the constant fear of having the sprays run in humidity or wash out in the rain.

  1. Onion juice, ginger, and apple cider vinegar. (Oh my!)

Then, there are all the all-natural, home-grown treatment options. Some people claim onion juice helps restart hair growth while others swear by apple cider vinegar. Some claim taking a ginger or turmeric supplement kick-started their hair growth while others claim fish oil is the secret to thicker, longer hair. The truth is, while a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids reduces inflammation and mitigates the effects of stress on hair growth, rubbing your thinning hair with onion juice or apple cider vinegar will only keep your friends and family away.

  1. Hair transplants

The gold standard for hair restoration may not yield the results you are looking for. A recent survey found that 2 percent of men experiencing hair loss actually underwent restoration procedures but only 49 percent were either completely satisfied or very satisfied with their results. Between the painful procedure, time lost from work, and the extended recovery, it’s no wonder why most people choose their thinning hair over surgical restoration.

Whether you are just starting to thin on top or have been battling hair loss for years, be sure to do your due diligence before selecting a hair restoration treatment. Better to have your pocketbook intact and a little less hair on top than throw good money after bad on crazy treatments that don’t deliver on their promised results.

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